Using the following information, create a research project that follows APA form

Using the following information, create a research project that follows APA format. A research project has 4 basic sections:
1. The Introduction (Statement of the Problem)
1. Whatever you chose as the title on the title page, that title repeats here as the header NOT Introduction or Statement of the problem
2. The opening paragraphs introduce the reader to what is going to be researched and background information about the problem
3. This section concludes with a purpose paragraph
1. In the last paragraph of the introduction you will state “The purpose of this project was…..” You will also present the specific research question for the paper. If you are missing this your grade will suffer.
2. Literature Review (This is the heart of the paper)
1. Here resource, after resource, after resource is presented to answer the research question(s). Fact based! You are merely presenting the facts of each source represented. You are not presenting opinion.
2. Organize the sources presented as they relate to answering the research question(s).
3. Discussion of the Findings
1. In this section summarize the findings of the literature sources presented in the Literature Review section.
4. Recommendations and Conclusion
1. Wrap up your project. You are able to provide your opinion, based on the sources that were referenced in the SOP and Lit Review sections as it relates to the question(s) being researched.
2. Recommendations and the conclusion are based upon the findings of the research conducted.
3. Make sure to specifically tell the reader how the project answered the research question(s) in the introduction
Take what you have learned in this course to identify a research project topic related to cybercrime. Develop a project that addresses one of the following topics:
Topic 1: Nation-State cybercrime.
Topic 2: Digital terrorism.
Topic 3: Cybercrime in the United States.
To accomplish the assignment for this project you will need to research academic papers and scholarly based resources that delve into the topic of your choosing. From this research you will focus on something unique. A topic will surface as you conduct your research. You will develop one (1) or two (2) questions to answer.
Do not write a book report on the topic you choose. Develop and argue a focused point. We are not discussing, showing, or presenting anything. Your project is arguing a point that you have develop from your research.
Information to Include in the Introduction / Statement of the Problem Section:
* What is the historical development of your topic? Did it start with technology or morph from other traditional crimes.?
* How does it work?
* How are Law Enforcement or Government agencies addressing the problem?
* Your recommendations for future research in your topics area?
Research Question Pointers
* There is a significant amount of information on the topics in the Utica Library.
* Choose a topic from one of the three provided.
* You will develop research question(s) that provides information on a specific point.
* Do not write a book report on the topic you choose. This is an academic research project.
* Read through the articles in the Utica Library and Google Scholar, then develop concise research question(s).
* You were provided idea options in the first research project, I want to see you developing your own ability to generate acceptable research questions related to the assigned topic.
* Google provides numerous reference options, but many of them are not scholarly or academic reviewed resources.
* This is intended to be practice in preparation for completing your Capstone Project. You are going to have to develop your own project subject and develop the research questions for your project.
Once you have determined the question argue your point. At a minimum, there should be twenty (20) scholarly or academic citations to support the paper’s argument.
Assignment Requirements
* APA 7th Edition compliant
* Length – see below
* Must include a Title Page and References page(s)
* Use the following file naming format to save the file:
* Your Last Name_CYB673_Research3
* Projects must be 20% or less than in similarity through VeriCite.
* 80% of the citations must be from academic resources and journals.
* Fifteen (15) pages minimum
* Page count does NOT include the Title, Abstract, TOC, or References pages
* This does not include:
* Popular media (papers, magazines, radio, TV, Wikipedia, and basic Internet sites such as blogs.)
* Court cases (these are opinions – judges interpret the application of the law for the given case). Caveat – if your project is based upon a specific court decision or a specific court decision has a bearing on the basis of your project, you can reference that court decision.
* Specific company research such as a report from a technology company.
Points to remember:
* Your project is not written to your professor. Write to the imaginary reader who knows nothing about the topic. This will force you not to take short cuts in assuming your reader knows your topic.
* Be detailed without using fluff.
* Doing research is like conducting an investigation, be sure to be thorough in your digging.

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