ANNOTATING THE BIBLIOGRAPHY –On Content of the Annotated Bibliography A bibliog

–On Content of the Annotated Bibliography
A bibliography is a list of the resources (books, articles, treatises and other references) you consulted in your writing and in preparation for the writing of your research paper. You may include all items which you examined—even if you do not quote directly from that particular item.
According to Baglione (2016, pg. 48): “In writing an AB [Annotated Bibliography], you are providing a list of the works (so that you will have a jump on your final bibliography), but you are adding something else to it. Underneath each entry, you write a paragraph or more that contains a summary of the arguments of the work as they relate to your Research Question, as well as key information about the topics the author discussed in making the argument and the research findings. Please note that to yield useful information, you must summarize the argument, not just discuss the topic.”
–On Form for the Annotated Bibliography
Use APA (American Psychological Association) citation style. Consult library and Internet (google it) for APA format and style.
Google: Annotated Bibliography APA Style
I will attach a copy that shows my reserach question and information needed to complete the assignment.

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