Chapter 2 gets into the first step of the problem solving process: Define the Pr

Chapter 2 gets into the first step of the problem solving process: Define the Problem
For this first assignment, please read Chapter 2 of the textbook carefully, including each of the cases. Then, watch the following YouTube video S.M.A.R.T. goal setting:
LearnStorm Growth Mindset: How to write a SMART goal (Links to an external site.)
LearnStorm Growth Mindset: How to write a SMART goal
Then answer the following questions. Copy and paste the questions into a document and then answer each question in the space below the question.
1. At the start of the chapter, the author describes a case about Citysearch, an internet city guide company in the 1990s. Describe what happened when Charles Conn (the author) gave a keynote presentation to the 1997 Newspaper Association of America? What happened to the newspaper industry over the next few years after that annual meeting?
2. On pg. 33, the author lists 6 characteristics of good problem statements. List them below with a brief description of each (the description should be in your own words – not just copied from the book).
3. The author compares his 6 characteristics to the S.M.A.R.T. mnemonic. Compare and contrast the two.
4. Read the attached Forbes article, “Smart goals can sometimes be dumb” by Mark Murphy. Using 5-10 complete sentences, explain why Mark thinks that not all goals should be S.M.A.R.T. goals. Include examples that he gave to prove his claim. Do you agree with Mark? Why or why not?
Forbes Article- ‘SMART’ Goals Can Sometimes Be DumbLinks to an external site.
5. Bob, the owner of a small nutrition coaching studio in Kent, WA, approaches you with a problem. He says the following:
“In 2022, my profits have dropped significantly (over 25%) compared to last year – even though we’re coming out of the pandemic. I can’t seem to get new clients through the door. My employees aren’t motivated to bring in new clients and only do the bare minimum while at work and go home. In addition, several of our accounts receivable are unpaid and I just found out the new Washington State FMLA act is in effect, which means one of my employees, who is having a new baby in a few months, will be taking 2 months off. I don’t know how I’m going to cover her clients since I’m already at capacity. I think that will further decrease my profitability in 2022.”
Use the attached problem definition worksheet to complete a problem statement for this situation.
Problem Definition Worksheet.docx

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