Locate a recent article or event (published within the last year) that highlight

Locate a recent article or event (published within the last year) that highlights your selected macroeconomic topic.
Use the Hunt Library, newspapers, new stations, or other credible sources to discuss how your topic aligns with macroeconomics. Include the following in your document.
State the article or event selected.
Provide a brief history of the Federal Reserve and explain why it was created.
What are the three main objectives of the Federal Reserve?
Is the Federal Reserve using contractionary or expansionary monetary policy and why?
How does the phase of the business cycle affect decisions made by the Federal Reserve?
Interpret the four monetary policy tools used by the Federal Reserve.
Which monetary policy tool is used more frequently and why?
Explain how the Federal Reserve contributes to higher price levels faced by domestic consumers.
What course of action should be taken by the Federal Reserve given the climate of our current U.S. economy?
Summarize your findings using at least 300 words and provide a minimum of three references. Paper needs to follow current APA formatting.

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