Part 1: 150 words The early planning stage for a presentation requires you to fo

Part 1: 150 words
The early planning stage for a presentation requires you to focus in on your topic and purpose statement and to begin gathering research and support for that purpose statement. In a multi-paragraph reflection, a minimum of 150-words, reflect on the skills you used as you started to prepare for your Portfolio Presentation.
In your reflection, be sure to discuss the following:
Consider your skills in research and planning. Give examples of the research and planning process you used to prepare for your Portfolio Presentation.
Describe your strengths and the areas you struggled with during this process.
Discuss how the development of this skill will help you as you move forward in your education and career.
Part 2: 150 words
The website American Rhetoric ranks Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech as the top-ranking speech of the 20th century. While you have more than likely heard portions of the speech, the power of the speech can only be heard when heard full-length. Click on the link below to listen to the 16 minute, 27-second audio file of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech.
Audio file: “I Have a Dream”
After you listen, reflect on what you heard. In your initial post, address the following:
Discuss King’s use of language to inspire his audience. Give examples of the powerful words and language King uses.
Explain what you perceive as the power behind these words and how they enhance the impact of this speech.
Explain why you believe 137 leading scholars chose this particular speech to represent the best speech of the 20th century.I Have a Dream
Psy Part 3: 150 words
In the lecture, you learned about many cognitive processes, including perception. Perception involves how people interpret and make sense of the world around them. As you learned, there are a variety of perceptual errors, including the recency effect and the halo effect. These errors help to explain why an individual’s perceptions might not correspond with reality and why people can have such differing perceptions from one another.
For discussion, you will apply this material to your personal or professional life. Please address the following in your initial post:
Summarize a time where your perception differed greatly from that of another person.
In so doing, make sure to describe your own perception and the other person’s and explain whether either of you might have been displaying one of the perceptual errors you learned about in lecture (halo effect, recency effect, etc.).
Detail what the results of this perceptual difference were. For instance, did it lead to hostility or difficulty finding common ground?
Outline specific ways this situation could have been handled differently using tips from lecture.
Identify some strategies you will use in the future to ensure you are perceiving reality as accurately as possible and not succumbing to perceptual errors.
Part 4: 150 words
Utilize the Bryant and Stratton College Library Page to find a scholarly research article the utilizes a Pearson Correlation Analysis. You are welcome to search for an article related to your Portfolio Project and utilize this in the literature review section of your project.
Which research article did you choose? Give the article reference.
Give a brief general summary of the research article objectives.
What variables did the researchers test in the correlation analysis?
Give a brief summary of the major findings of the correlation analysis.
Do you think the study could have been improved? Are there additional variables that may be related to the topic that were not included?

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