The Aspen Institute, Project Play Summit “New Models, New Athletes” Session was

The Aspen Institute, Project Play Summit
“New Models, New Athletes”
Session was hosted on Wednesday, October 14, 2020
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You will be participating – by virtual attending – in The Aspen Institute’s Project Play Summit 2020, which can be something you can and should add to your professional resume! Professional experience for a future professional!
In this session, the founder of The Aspen Institute, asks athletes to talk about their personal experiences in sports, as well as share ideas on how to “make room” for students from underrepresented populations in sports programs. In the final few minutes, he also asks the athletes how they would recommend how young people can use their voices to stand up for racial equity.
In order to “knock out” this assignment, you will need to:
Watch this one-hour virtual conference session “New Models, New Athletes”
Submit your responses to the above 25 questions to the DropBox
After “attending”, add this professional conference to your professional resume, you future professional you!
Be sure to proofread!
“Conversations with athletes and leaders on why underserved populations need to be included more intentionally in the next model for school sports.”
New Models, New Athletes video:
Laurie Hernandez, Gold Medal, and Professional Gymnast
Crystal Dunn, World Cup Champion, Soccer
Jeffrey Hammonds, MLBPA and Retired Baseball Player
Jess Fishlock, Professional Soccer Player
Terrell Owens, Professional Football Hall of Famer
Tatyana McFadden, 7x Paralympic Gold Medalist
Tom Farrey, Aspen Institute Project Play, moderator
Laurie Hernandez, Gold Medal and Professional Gymnast
1. Latinos are the most underrepresented minority in sports from youth to professionals, how do we get and keep more Latinos in sports?
2. What did you enjoy about participating in sports?
3. What is your advice for schools to get more Latinos involved in sports?
4. How do you make room for young people that aren’t skilled or talented in sports?
Crystal Dunn, World Cup Champion, Soccer
5. With so few role models that “look like you”, where do you look for role models in sport?
6. Why do you think young Black females are underrepresented in youth sports?
7. Why do you think schools should focus more on getting minorities involved in sports?
8. What can be done to make this sport accessible and attractive to young girls of color?
Jeffrey Hammonds, MLBPA and Retired Baseball Player
9. Why is it important for schools to provide opportunities for all students to play sports?
10. How does a coach converse with and build a relationship with an athlete?
11. How much of getting (all) kids into the game of baseball is related to accessibility (space nearby to play the game)?
12. What is the role of the MLB Players Association in supporting youth sports?
Jess Fishlock, Pro Soccer Player
13. Why did you get into sports?
14. What was it about your football club environment and coaches that made it a welcoming place for you?
15. What can schools/organizations do to make “more room” for underrepresented populations in sports like LBGTQ?
Terrell Owens, Professional Football Hall of Famer
16. Why should coaches “make room” for “late bloomers” in their programs?
17. What responsibility do you think schools have to provide opportunities to kids who aren’t as skilled?
Tatyana McFadden, 7x Paralympic Gold Medalist
18. What does she feel is most important about accepting and supporting disabled athletes?
19. What can parents of children who are disabled do to help their children in school sports?
20. What type of sport system should we build in our American society?
21. How do we keep kids physically active and interested in sports during the pandemic?
Athletes who have used their voice share their advice for young athletes. Featuring Allyson Felix, Terrell Owens, Crystal Dunn, Laurie Hernandez, and more.
22. and 23. What did the two of the athletes suggest for how young athletes can use their voices to address racial inequities?
24. What is one more important piece of information that YOU personally took from watching this virtual session and attending this conference?
25. Do you put this on your resume yet!? Hint. Hint.,, links-,,,,,

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