Based upon the provided Primary Source documents, please write a 700 to 1000-wor

Based upon the provided Primary Source documents, please write a 700 to 1000-word essay that addresses the following questions
What were some of the primary concerns and/or criticisms with American social and economic policies during World War I?
What dangers do free speech represent to the U.S. in a time of war? (Keep in mind that free speech can be from an individual, a business, or an organization)
In the mind of Eugene V. Debs, who was the real enemy to the United States and how can this enemy be defeated?
Why did Eugene V. Debs not pursue a career in politics (outside of running for president several times)? Explain.
Feel free to think “outside the box,” but be sure to reference which primary source you are referring to when providing contentions. Avoid inserting personal opinions, but rather use the sources to guide and support arguments. I encourage students to use quotes when providing evidence but the bulk of the essay should be analysis and commentary. The essay should be written in third person (Do not use I, me, we, us, or you). Also, be sure to use past-tense when addressing historical issues.
Students should begin their essay with an opening paragraph that provides a broad overview and a thesis statement, at least two or three body paragraphs, and a closing paragraph that summarizes the analysis and restates the thesis.
A Works Cited page is not required, however you will need in-text citations.
Cite as follows:
William Jennings Bryan source: (Bryan)
The Sedition Act: (Sedition Act, 1918)
Eugene V. Debs, The Canton, Ohio, Speech: (Debs, June, 1918)
Eugene V. Debs Statement: (Debs, Sept., 1918)

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