CLINICAL EXPERIENCE/CLINICAL PROJECT Purpose: Plan, implement and disseminate a

Purpose: Plan, implement and disseminate a Community Health and Population-Focused Health Promotion Activity to potential stakeholders, collaborators or supporters.
All parts of the project must be completed, and ALL documents submitted in order to receive a grade for this assignment.
Plan your health promotion activity/service
Instructions: For this part of the activity, you will begin to plan out your health promotion activity/service by performing a community assessment, research data and trends and selecting a community agency to collaborate with.
1. Each student will use a community assessment model (e.g. Community as Partner) to do an abbreviated community assessment, which must include data collection and a windshield survey, of your selected community. A complete windshield survey should include elements such as boundaries, housing and zoning, open space, commons, transportation, social service centers, stores, condition of the area, race and ethnicity, religion, health indicators, politics, media, media, business and industry.
2. The student will analyze data looking for trends showing strengths, weaknesses, and conditions
3. The student identifies one or two community health problems which represent a particular aggregate at-need or at-risk.
4. Identify an activity or service you can provide to meet this need and your target audience. Projects must have a community focus
5. The student will then collaborate with a community agency to plan and implement a health promotion project to address the problems and needs of the aggregate. This can be a church, educational facility, community center, or community group in your community. Students MAY NOT complete clinical projects in their place of employment.
6. Submit the HEALTH PROMOTION PROPOSAL WORKSHEET before moving on to Part 2. Be sure to include citations and a reference list.
You must consult with faculty about an appropriate community agency or group before you start Part 2. You will schedule a time to meet and discuss your ideas with the instructor before beginning Part 2.
*Please use the HEALTH PROMOTION PROPOSAL WORKSHEET attached above.

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