For this course, you will need to do a concert report on approved video performa

For this course, you will need to do a concert report on approved video performance from the list below. You must complete a 500-1000 word typed essay describing the music using some of concepts and terms covered in the class (good papers typically have 700+ words).
Guidelines for Writing a Good Concert Report
Include the following:
Describe the instrumentation – instruments and/or voices used in this performance. You should write a short overview of the full concert and then describe specific musical selections in details–you do not need to write about each piece or movement (you can focus on the selections you feel you have more to say) however, from reading your paper, it must be clear that you listened to the full concert. I recommend that you make some notes while listening to the concert and then write the paper consulting your notes. Make sure it is clear from reading your paper what selections you are writing about (write the title or name of the movement). Make sure you mention any aspect that stands out to you.
How would you describe the overall character of each musical selection?–for example: calm, lively, agitated, cheerful, light, somber, etc. What elements in the music make the piece sound this way?–tempo (fast or slow), dynamics (soft or loud), instrumentation (who has the lead?), pitch (major or minor key), or register (high or low sounds). How does the piece or movement evolve through time? (Describe the various changes that you hear)
What qualities make this music appealing to you (or not)?
Support all your comments with a discussion. Be clear and specific. Use correct grammar and mechanics of writing. Make sure you use musical terms correctly.
The concert review is about your description and comments on the music you hear. This is not a research assignment: you don’t need to provide historical information on the composers or pieces. Also, the primary goal is to describe objectively what you hear in the music rather than say whether you like it or not.
This is the checklist I use for grading papers:
-Concert description
Can I tell that the student watched the entire concert?
Is it clear what selection(s) the student is writing about?
-Description of what happens musically
-Correct use of musical terms
-Correlation between musical terms and character of the music
(i.e. “the fast tempo and the bright color of the trumpets made this movement sound very lively”)
-Good structure and correct English
-Descriptions that are detailed and specific. Does the student describe interesting or unusual elements that relate to specific pieces (or movements) in the concert?
Papers must be 500-1000 words in length, double-spaced, and in 12 pt. Times, Times New-Roman, or Arial font.

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