I need all of the questions below answered separately and labeled correctly afte

I need all of the questions below answered separately and labeled correctly afterward. If you cannot do all of the assignments or ask for a higher bid I will not accept. Please note that if you take in this assignment I will consider that you are willing and will do all of the following questions below.
1. Discuss:
How can we find (and keep) the best talents that will help us expand internationally?
-What are the things you are doing now, in order to prepare for you role as international manager (besides attending to this course and passing it successfully, of course)?
-What is the best advice you can give to your children, (or children of friends and family) in order to stimulate them to prepare for tomorrow?
2. Discuss:
Do you think you would be able to do something similar to what this speaker did?
-Would you be able to get candy from strangers? Why or why not?
-Do you think of your managers as strangers, friends, acquaintances or none of be above?
-When you are rewarded by your manager do you feel good? How good? Why?
-Do you think that this lesson is applicable everywhere in the world? How? Why?
-Tell us about one of your lollipop moments.
3. For this specific question note that I chose to talk about Starbucks in SERBIA. So all questions below should be answered with that in mind!
This is an additional part of your outline for the Final Paper. Complete the following steps and submit by the end of week 6.
By now you will probably have a specific idea about the following:
Describe the business activities of the company in the other country/continent
What mode of entry did they use to go into that market? Why?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of this strategy?
Explain the key differences between countries/continents
What are the cultural differences?
What are the political differences?
4. What is the relationship between the concept of myth and the concept of religion? Keep in mind that myths are not necessarily negative or even false, they are just unproven or unprovable.. As Campbell demonstrates, myths can reveal transcendent truths. (50+words)
5. Do you see life as a participation in another life source or–to use Campbell’s term–energy? How would you describe this? (50+words)
6. Each one of the five questions must contain a minimum of 100 words. You do not need to formally cite authors but please mention the name of any author you use in your answer. Please read the announcements for comments about assignment style and formatting.
– Joseph Campbell mentions many archetypal images: the womb and tomb, the snake, the circle. What makes them mythic?
-What does it mean to say that human beings are myth-making creatures?
-Why does Campbell connect dreams and myths? Do you find his reasoning persuasive? Why or why not?
– What connections do you see between myths and the concept of transcendence? Explain with examples.
-Can you relate a myth from your own experience? It need not be something you believe.
7. Visit a sacred place. This should be a place of personal transcendence with spiritual or religious overtones. Places of worship are fine but natural places are actually often better. This could be an archaeological site, a place of natural wonder (the Grand Canyon comes to mind), a human constructed place like a church or temple. But it should be a special place and not in your home or in your everyday existence. After your visit, write a !!!750-word essay!!! essay about your impressions of your experience. What did you see/smell/hear/feel/touch? What makes the place sacred to you? Add photos. Note that this is a personal experience, and contrasts completely with your interview. That said, it should have an essay structure. In other words, don’t just write a step by step account of what you did. Organize it along themes or impressions. Describing what you experienced and how you felt about it is an important part of this assignment. At the heart of this essay, you are offering your definition of transcendence. Your job as writer is to communicate the richness of your experience to your readers. Anticipate what questions someone might ask you about your experience and answer them in your paper.
In addition, consult at least one source (academic or non-academic) in order to enhance your knowledge of this sacred place.
Some things to keep in mind:
You must find something written about this place to enhance your knowledge
Pictures are essential
This is a personal experience however as already mentioned, it is an essay. So you should have a point that you are addressing. Starting you essay with “I visited….” is a very bad start. More likely something like “A sacred place is…….”
With a little care you should be able to get all the points.
As with all written assignments, it should be a double spaced continuous narrative with indented paragraphs. It should have a title as well. (Sacred Places Experience is not a title.) As with all written assignments, submit as a double spaced Microsoft World file, written in 12 pt Times New Roman font. Use the word count function to make sure you meet the minimum word requirement. The best students will research the place and the transcendent effects of that place. Feel free to use citations.

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