Visit the

Visit the to contrast and compare the police in other countries. Select two of the police agencies available on the site, read the information for each agency, and then write a paragraph or two that gives some insight into the structure, functions and other aspects of their functions and operations. If you feel appropriate, include any information/ a general overview of the criminal justice system surrounding the police jurisdictions reviewed.
Read the following articles from media sources writing news stories that compare shootings by police officers in countries around the world.
The Guardian’s “The Counted Police Killings: US vs. Other Countries”
The Christian Science Monitor’s “Why Police Don’t Pull Guns in Many Countries”
The Huffington Post’s “Why American Cops Kill So Many Compared to European Cops”
Read at least two of the articles, then write two to three paragraphs that summarize the points raised in the article and provide your opinion about the article’s apparent accuracy, fairness, and the reasonableness of any suggestions in the article for change in the United States. The Guardians The Christians Science Monitor The Huffington Post

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