We have had an invigorating conversation with one another on the appropriateness

We have had an invigorating conversation with one another on the appropriateness of certain themes or subject matter in video games that target teens. the issue is a heated one because it involves values , parenting style, a convention of what adolescent is , and what constitutes age appropriate material. the decision often involves case-by-case analysis and even understanding the young person involved. it is hard at this age window to make broad Justments about pre-teens or teens of a certain age, but it is necessary in creating other materials like School content, curriculum guidelines, and library holdings.
A Skeleton prewriting assignment
as you look to begin drafting your rogerian essay it is helpful to assemble your thoughts and compose a skeleton outline of what you plan to write in each paragraph.
Please type an outline an outline in The text box area below that includes full single sentence of the 6 basic paragraph of this essay . this will help me to check that you understand that 6 paragraph that comprise this essay and help me intervene if additional help is needed.
paragraph#1. I’m going to show that young adults are complex and decides about what they are ready for the two sides.
paragraph#2. my own position is that young adults are ready for a muture video games and characters and avatars in the same age range as team players.
paragraph#3. well some change might be ready for mature video games, many others are not at all and can influence others in negative ways due to peer pressure.
paragraph#4. composing side wants to protect young people and ensure that information they receive is morally impactful and educational.
paragraph#5. the other side of this issue is not bad; they want to protect young people. The problem with this is that young people are only four years away from real life when they start high school. Adults, from 9th grade on needs to begin the intense process of exposing young people to mature , complicated, and controversial content so that they can mentor them clarify anything they do not understand. this will help them enter adulthood successfully.
paragraph#6. Both sides of this issue should identify how to compromise. maybe sexuality is too controversial, but things like crime and violence are parts of adult life that teens should start being exposed to. i have to find a middle ground here that is practical for everyone involved, including game makers , game sellers , school, communities, social media companies, parents, and even teens .
please notice that my “Skeleton” is in complete sentences, and each sentence, communicates the main idea of the relevent paragraph, of course, based on the 6 – part Rogerian template provided for this assignment by our instructor.

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