Welcome to Class! Let’s get to know one another. Graphic of group of people in c

Welcome to Class! Let’s get to know one another.
Graphic of group of people in conversation.
Class is beginning so I hope you are ready!
To understand how to use the discussions tool in Canvas and to meet your classmates, we’re going to share with our classmates our “literacy narrative.”
While we’re not writing an essay for this assignment, it would be helpful to read Chapter 1 in First Year Composition before you begin to help you understand rhetoric, literacy, and the idea of a literacy narrative. Read from the heading “Week 1” up to the pink boxed “Literacy Narrative Rough Draft.” You’ll note there is an example in this chapter.
In your first discussion post, choose ONE prompt below to tell about an important time in your life when you engaged with or were confronted with a type of literacy that initially made you uncomfortable, or feeling inadequate to the task of comprehension. Feel free to open with a sentence or two telling us who you are in addition. For this discussion, your initial post should be about 250 words.
Describe a situation when you were challenged in your reading by describing the source of that challenge (vocabulary, length, organization, content matter, or something else). How did you overcome that challenge to understand what the text was saying or to be open to the subject matter? What strategies or steps do you plan to take in the future to make the process easier?
Describe the type of texts you read (watch, listen to, etc.) most often. What makes them easy or challenging to read and interpret? Do you engage best when it’s easy, or when it challenges you? What strategies do you use to ensure that you fully understand them or can apply them? (Be careful this doesn’t become 250 words about your favorite television shows, though you may certainly addresses escapism in part of your post.))
Describe what kind of texts you think you will have to read or interpret in the future and where you will encounter these texts (i.e. future classes, your career, etc.). How do you think they might challenge you? What strategies will you use to overcome these difficulties?
Excerpt From
First-Year Composition
Leslie Davis
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For full points, you must thoughtfully respond to at least two other classmates’ posts. Avoid “I agree” or “me, too.” You can find further instructions and the rubric on the Discussion Instructions page.

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