Bio – Essay #1 – Questions “Th

Bio –
Essay #1 – Questions
“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson – pages 235-243 in the textbook
The story online –
Choose only ONE of the essay questions below:
1. Investigate and analyze the meaning of hypocrisy. Then focus on three characters in the story. In a well-organized, five-paragraph essay, explain why these characters are or are not hypocritical. What makes them turn on their friends because of a lottery? Who enjoys the lottery the most and why?
2. In a well-organized, five-paragraph essay, analyze and explain how traditional gender social roles impact people’s behavior? Is there a connection between the lottery and these roles? Make sure to use specific evidence from the story to support your argument.
3. In a well-organized, five-paragraph essay, explain why traditions and customs play an essential role in human life, as seen in the short story “The Lottery.” Are there traditions in our society that we follow without question? Should we question our traditions and customs? Prove your point of view using quotes from the story.
*Please follow the formal essay format in the announcement section and use MLA format for in-text citations and paraphrasing to prove your analysis.

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