Family and Community Assignment part 1 Partnering with families and the communit

Family and Community Assignment part 1
Partnering with families and the community to promote science supports the development of all children. Practice your skills for connecting with families and the community this week by:
Reflecting on center communities and families and local community resources related to science
Identifying two resources for Science, based on the current interests of a child you are observing in labs
Create a resource that you WOULD send home to the children’s families relating to science resources
This project is two steps:
Step One:
Write a minimum of a one page paper covering the following information:
Open the paper by describing the classroom community (age group, room design, number of children/teachers, etc) and the interests of the children in the classroom that you have observed that are related to science or scientific inquiry. Discuss the developmental domains you have observed (reference your Child Running Records), areas of strength and areas they may be working on with the children.
Next, you will share some basic information about the local community the child care center is located in. Then you will conduct some research and search for two resources/places** that children could visit with their families that are science related and connect to their interests. Share those resources in this section and why you chose to share them with the families. (Make connections here to your observations/visits with the children, what the children can do at these sites, etc.)
Wrap up your paper by sharing how you will be sharing this information with families and how you will encourage them to share feedback with you after they visit.
Step Two:
Create a simple brochure/Flyer advertising one of the Community Resources you shared.
Share the name, address, phone number, website and any additional information the families would need.
Create two questions/activities the families could answer/do when visiting there such as sharing feedback from the child on the visit, having them draw a picture, taking photos of child engaged in activity, etc.
Design a flyer with all of the above information. Try to keep it simple with simple graphics but yet still eye catching as well.
Then you will submit your paper and Flyer in the Link on Blackboard.
**While doing your research, ‚ÄúResources in the community” refer to places in the community that provide cultural as well as educational experiences for children and families relating to SCIENCE. Please do NOT use the DiVinci Science center as one resource but instead look around at museums, factories, local landmarks and look to see what you could share with families.
For example, if I was teaching in Bucks County, the Bowman’s Tower and Wildflower Preserve is an area I would recommend a visit too to families as my children are very interested in bugs, butterflies and flowers and all of those items can be found there.

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