Goody and Watt outline Goody and Watt outline Attached Files: File Goody – The C

Goody and Watt outline Goody and Watt outline
Attached Files:
File Goody – The Consequences of Literacy pdf.pdf Goody – The Consequences of Literacy pdf.pdf – Alternative Formats (1.418 MB)
Attached is an article in a scholarly journal titled “The Consequences of Literacy,” written by Jack Goody and Ian Watt, two of the leading thinkers in the study of literacy. It’s a long reading, and it may use terms you are unfamiliar with. Your assignment due this week is to outline it. I recommend the following strategy:
1. Preread/preview the essay, using the tips provided under the menu tab “Prereading Course Readings.” Pay attention to the subheadings for each section of their argument.
2. Then read the article all the way through from top to bottom, without marking it.
3. Then read to mark. If you don’t want to print the essay, your pdf reader should allow you to annotate and highlight. Pay attention to topic sentences and subheadings–they should contain the keywords for the sections they lead. You can turn them into questions that you will find the answers to. (E.g. you can turn the article title into a question, as follows: “What are some of the consequences of literacy?”)
4. When you outline, use the following system to indicate how minor points are subordinated under major claims: Roman numerals for the largest categories of information, then capital letters, then regular numbers, then small letters, then small Roman numerals. You will probably not need all of these levels.
As I’ve mentioned when you wrote your previous outline, there is no such thing as a perfect outline. The point is to be able to distinguish major claims from subclaims supporting them, and subclaims from supporting details (examples and evidence).
Remember the formula/template that helps you know if you have identified an author’s point: “[Authorname’s] next point is THAT _________”
The essay is attached. Your outline will go something like this *:
Introduction: In their essay “The Consequences of Literacy, “Jack Goody and Ian Watt argue that ________ (state what you believe is their thesis).
I. Their first point is that _____________________
Conclusion: Explain how Goody and Watt conclude their essay.
Cite Goody and Watt as an article in a scholarly journal. All the information you need is on the pdf provided.
* Note that the thesis, claims, and subclaims are all expressed as sentences, not phrases! The word “that” will help ensure your outline points are more than phrases. Remember to think of an outline as a potential study guide. Ask yourself whether you could rely on the outline you have produced if you had to take a test on the material two months later. You won’t actually be tested on it two months later–but you’ll do better good job if you think of your outline as having that purpose.

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