PR Writing: Homework on Creating a News Conference Assume that you are hired to

PR Writing: Homework on Creating a News Conference
Assume that you are hired to organize a news conference for Target Stores, which is announcing a major expansion into the Florida market in late 2023 and early 2024. For the purposes of this assignment, assume they are going into major cities throughout the state
Write a MEMO to the CEO of Target that outlines your plans for organizing the news conference to make
this announcement.
Include the following:
1. Subject line that signals to the CEO what the email/memo is about
2. Your suggestion of a day, date, time (start and end) and place (city and actual location) to hold the
news conference. Include a brief statement on WHY you chose a certain location. (Hint: It cannot be a new Target store, since you can assume it is not yet built.)
3. Present a run-down of WHO you propose will speak at the news. Select THREE speakers to present the news and that showcase the value for Target and Florida. (Hint: This is NOT about fashion or merchandise that Target sells). Pick 1 of the 3 speakers who is NOT a Target senior management, but who can talk to the impact/value of Target’s expansion in Florida. (Think PROXIMITY!) Make sure you include name, title, and a one-sentence overview of a key talking point for each of the three speakers you are proposing.
4. Include suggestions of visuals that you will have as a backdrop to the press conference and any other visuals that you think would help tell your story.
5. Include the kind of media targets you are inviting. Local/national? TV? Radio? Trade? News? What kinds of reporting beats do you want to focus on.
6. Include a schedule for the conference from start to finish, starting with press sign in.

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