Write or create a newspaper article, blog post, brochure, or flyer which represe

Write or create a newspaper article, blog post, brochure, or flyer which represents the contrasting culture and history of the U.S. and the D.R. You can connect this to any of the stories in the text. Through New Historicism show how the media portrays contrasting or differing viewpoints about immigrants, non-English speakers or minority groups.
EXPLAIN, EXPLAIN EXPLAIN: Whether you are talking, typing text or drawing you MUST EXPLAIN the connections you are making between the presentation, the story, and the literary criticism you chose. If you are talking you can explain through the story or narration. If you are writing/typing you can explain in the writing. If you are using images, you may want to narrate an explanation and post it with the image or write your explanation on a separate sheet of paper (NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES) to be submitted.
OTHER POINTS:Your ability to show connections between the story and the literary theory you chose (10 pts)
Your ability to show your understanding of the literary theory’s main components
References to specific aspects of the story, in the form of quotes, characters, scenes, action (15 pts)
I WILL NOT grade you based on your creativity level
You will be graded based on your application of the theory, interpretation of the story, connections you make and supporting evidence from other stories, videos, scholarly articles etc. (15 pts)

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