Pick a article Note the Politico newsletter often links to full length stories

Pick a article
Note the Politico newsletter often links to full length stories which are appropriate for this assignment (i.e. the short write-up in the newsletter is not appropriate for this assignment). Press releases are not acceptable for this assignment. Commentaries written by Extension professors are not acceptable for this assignment and will not be graded. In addition to reputable newspaper websites (e.g. USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Examiner, The Tennessean), you could look at Agweb.com and AgriMarketing.com. There are several other potential news sites that will work.
Your paper is to be a review of the item you choose to help illustrate and reinforce the role policy plays in our everyday life.
The length of your summary is not to exceed one-page with one-inch margins on every side and 12-point font.
In your summary you are to address the following:
Provide the date, source, author, and URL.
What issue is the policy trying to address? In other words, what is the policy argument being made?
What is a reasonable outcome/conclusion from the policy?
Does the (federal/state) government have the authority to engage in the policy?
Relate to a traditional role of government and/or a common goal of U.S. agricultural policy. Other roles may be appropriate if justified. Use justification from the Constitution as appropriate.
What is the primary economic issue that is trying to be addressed? Think back to why economic policy exists and justify your position. Using economic terminology, justify the use of policy.
This is related to the second bullet point above.

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