Two weaknesses of the Confederation was there was no power to collect taxes and

Two weaknesses of the Confederation was there was no power to collect taxes and no power to
enforce any laws. This cartoon represents an argument for the ratification of the constitution because
in the cartoon it shows articles but nothing to back it up for example there was no national court
Paritceanion Eftne constitaton a’ in anthey wor via ke saure you rhave money in your pocker and thie
second reason it that you’ll have a strong and independent president.I believe that this poster was
written by a Federalist because one they try to convince you that you should trust the constitution
because it was created by people you can trust
Reason number two is that they said they would make the laws we need so badly if there was a two
house congress
Reason number three is that a supreme court would be able to guarantee justice for all. The bill of
rights was added to The United States Constitution. The people felt more protected by the Constitution
because the first ten amendments gave specific rights to the people of the United States. The main
power of the Legislative Branch was that it made the laws. The powers were separated because one
branch couldn’t have had more power over the other branches. so basically a split of authority
because each of them have their own responsibilities. Checks and balances is a system where each
branch of government is able to check, or restrain, the power of the others. The Founding Fathers and
writers of the Constitution did not want one branch having too much power over the other two
branches. The scale symbolized the balance of and power between the three branches.

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