There has been so much turnover in staff over the last year at Pizza Palace, tha

There has been so much turnover in staff over the last year at Pizza Palace, that the longest serving employee, Philippa, has only 2 years of tenure. Because Philippa is the only one who knows the company’s processes and procedures, she has been promoted to shift manager. Her duty as shift manager is to lead the team working on her shift, including line cooks, servers, bussers, hosts, and cashiers. With no experience supervising others, she has been facing one problem after another with employee commitment to the tasks she assigns for them to complete. There were several weeks when the shift manager position was vacant and things seemed to run more smoothly than they do now. Reaching out to you, the general manager, Philippa asks for your help in learning how to better lead her team.
Answer the following questions in full sentence format. Remember to use cited key terms, definitions, and theories from your textbook in each answer.
In paragraph citations (with page numbers) and a formal reference are always expected.
1. Assuming the role of the general manager helping Philippa, what leadership style described in chapter 3 would you recommend she avoid? Why? Explain your thinking fully. As always, base your answers on the material you are learning in the chapter.
2. Which would you recommend she follow? Why? Explain your thinking fully.
Remember the required title page with the certificate of authorship (see modules for the example).

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