Appeal Letter For Mental Health Course and to get back to the BSN program Some p

Appeal Letter For Mental Health Course and to get back to the BSN program
Some points to add to letter
When I started the semester everything was fine until my son got really sick and was admitted to the ICU.
I also had 2 family emergencies, one of which included my uncle’s death. It really impacted me in some way but I did my best to keep my head up and be strong throughout the semester. I couldn’t be present at his funeral since he lived in another state and I couldt go due to my courses. I didn’t speak with anyone in school and I believe that impacted me in a way. I did really study as much as I should have and when I did it was the night before.
As for mental health course material at The beginning of the course PowerPoint was not provided therefore course material was very unclear. I’m a visual learner and not having anything didn’t help at all
I was only off by 0.7 to pass a mental health course and even though I provided a doctor’s excuse it was rejected to extend me with extra time to finish my comprehensive knowledge check material because it was not an emergency excuse it was only a doctors. I felt minimized at that moment because my child was sick and her school called me to pick up because she was showing COVID s/s. For me it was an emergency because it’s my child and COVID is still a critical disease.
I also have ADHD and I was granted the 24 hour extension but having my daughter sick and having to go to work I was unable to finish everything on time, therefore, I asked for some extra time because I was at work and later on I had my daughters situation.
When completing VSims/Docucare I was taking points off and I was not provided with an opportunity to come back and correct my work to have a better grade. while other instructors gave us the opportunity to at least edit. I understand that not all instructors are the same but if I was provided with the opportunity to edit any course material that needed to be fixed I would’ve passed the class.
Some things I can do differently to be successful in the nursing program is that I will be more organized and not be afraid to ask for help when needed. I also left one of my jobs to dedicate more time to my courses.
Please feel free to add any extra information to this appeal letter since it would greatly help and please make it strong points not judgmental but just good enough to Win the appeal as a student.

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