(Possession of a Firearm with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance Resulting with another person getting seriously injured.
• You may express remorse and your insight regarding the assault offence. For example, “I accept responsibility for my conduct, and I understand that it is a serious crime. I regret doing it and I understand the harm and potential harm it caused. I acknowledge that no one has the right to harm another person.”
• Express your remorse and insight into the drug offence. For example, I accept responsibility for committing this offence and understand the seriousness of it. I regret my offending conduct, and I understand the extent of damage drugs can do to the end user and the community. I now realize that unknown to me at the time, the drug could have had a cocktail of lethal ingredients which could have killed me or others.
• Outline your age. (22 Y/O)
• You may outline the shame experienced after having reflected on your behaviour, including the shame experienced from disclosing it to those close to you.
• If you are committed to never offending again, then express this. (Committed)
• Explanation for your drug offence and injury to another person. For example, if applicable, you may outline that you committed the drug offence in circumstances you became addicted to drugs or to assuage any mental health issues. (Used Drugs, Sold Drugs, Insecurity, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep Disorder)
• Rehabilitative steps will take. Here, you may outline the steps you have taken to ensure this is never repeated. (Became a Servant of God) This may include drug or alcohol counselling, psychologist treatment to address any mental health issues, or drug rehabilitation treatment. The MERIT treatment program specifically designed to help those with drug problems and is an excellent opportunity to participate in.
• Any mental health illness you suffer. (Insecurity, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep Disorder)
• Any unfortunate personal circumstances, including financial circumstances. (Needed to Pay for Car, Apartment)
• Outline your personal commitments and circumstances, including:
o Your current family situation, and whether you have family, partner or friends who rely on your income. You may also outline any health problems concerning you or close family that affects you.
o Outline any significant expenses that you solely make or contribute to making.
• Outline the impact or likely impact a criminal conviction will have on:
o Your capability of getting a job in your chosen field; or
o To be accepted in a course; or
o To get a registration in a professional body to practice in that area.
• Express any contributions you’ve made to the community, including charity.
• Briefly outline any mental health problems you have or physical health issues.
• Briefly outline the rehabilitative steps you have taken since committing the assault offence, including:
o Re-assurance that you will not re-offend. You can demonstrate this by commencing or completing treatment or programs specifically addressing the factors that contributed to you committing the offence, such as anger management counselling, mental illness treatment from a psychologist, drug or alcohol addiction counselling or MERIT program.
• Express how often and how many treatment sessions you have attended to date.
• Express any progress you have made since commencing the treatment.
• Outline whether this is the first time you have sought treatment.
• Express whether you intend to continue with this treatment

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