This is a REQUIRED assignment in preparation for your research essay. An annotat

This is a REQUIRED assignment in preparation for your research essay. An annotated bibliography is the full APA Reference of a source followed by notes and commentary about a source. The word “annotate” means “critical or explanatory notes” and the word “bibliography” means “a list of sources”. My expectations are that the student will find the source and analyze it in regards to author, content and Annotations are meant to be critical in addition to being descriptive. You will provide no less than eight (8) sources for your research paper, including; 1 Journal article (online or physical text), 1 Book reference other than your textbook, 1 Government document (either electronic format or physical copy) and 1 report from a private organization (either electronic or physical copy). As part of your annotations, I expect to see at least one direct quote you plan to use for your Research Essay and what the source’s thesis statement is.
Students are to choose a topic within Indigenous Studies and discuss Indigenous
contributions in these areas. As examples;
Governance Indigenous Knowledges Justice
Law Health/ health initiatives Political Process
Economic Development Spirituality and Worldviews Treaty Negotiation
Education Literature Representations
Métis Nationhood Food Security Arctic Sovereignty
The Fur Trade War Practices Gender Roles
Students will:
– Provide minimum 8 sources including; 1 Journal Article (online or physical copy), 1 book
reference other than your textbook (physical copy only), 1 Government document (electronic or
physical copy) and 1 report from a private organization (electronic or physical copy). NO
Wikipedia, Encyclopedias, Instructor’s power points or video lectures, or dictionary
sources. News articles may only be supplementary material and do not count towards the 8
sources. Personal communications must be documented adequately.
– Essay must be double spaced in 12-point font, Times New Roman, and 1-inch margins. Length
requirement does NOT include the title page or reference page(s).
– Analyze the research they have gathered and the points discussed in sources. In order to support
your arguments, you MUST use correct APA citations for both direct quotes and paraphrasing.
– Pages will be numbered in the top right-hand corner.
– No abstract necessary.
– Title page MUST have: The title of your essay (Not the assignment title), your name, the class
code (NATV 1200 A01), and the due date of the Assignment.
– Avoid the use of contractions (EG: Don’t should be written out as do not) and avoid Colloquial
language (IE: “This is a thing”, slang terms, phrases such as “Pass the Buck”, or idioms like “It’s
raining cats and dogs”).
– Be aware of spelling and grammar.

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