Below you will find your Paper Instructions. Use the outline at the end of this

Below you will find your Paper Instructions. Use the outline at the end of this syllabus as
an extra guide. You may email me this paper as an attachment or hand it in as a hard copy in my
mailbox. If you would like to hand this in before the due date, I will consider it a draft and
return it to you to correct. I encourage you to take this option. The paper should be 8-12 pages
in length, double spaced, with a works cited page. This is 40% of your final grade.
• Paper
I. Pick a social problem that interests you.
II. Come up with a Hypothesis about your chosen social problem.
III. Research your social problem and compile data to support or disprove
your hypothesis
IV. Prove or disprove your hypothesis
EXAMPLE: Say you are interested in Racism. Your hypothesis could be that more black people
than white get a college education. You look up graduation rates and find articles and books that
study the subject. Through your research you prove your hypothesis or you disprove it.
What are you researching? Why? Clearly state your hypothesis here.
II: RESEARCH: How did your research this? What are some different views on the subject?
Compile and organize your research in this section
What did you do? How did you measure your research? Any charts you want to use should go
This is where you state what you found out. Did you prove or disprove your Hypothesis?
This is the area wherein your statistics lie.
This is your place to be descriptive and creative.
How did these findings affect you?
Is there any room for future research?
Did the research bring up any new questions?
the hypothesis that i came up with is that black people receive the same experience and education as white people.

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