Short Writing Assignment 2-mexico Prompt:In Module 4, you learned about coffee e

Short Writing Assignment 2-mexico
Prompt:In Module 4, you learned about coffee economics, marketing and the history of the International Coffee Agreement (ICA). The end of the ICA’s quota system, which determined the amount of coffee each member country could produce, was an important event in the history of the world’s coffee production. For this assignment, you will use class lectures and readings, along with outside research, to explain how the dissolution of the ICA’s quota system in 1989 has impacted your assigned country. Based on your research, you will write a brief report for the Ministry of Agriculture in your assigned country. For the purposes of the assignment, imagine that a new Minister of Agriculture is learning about coffee markets for the first time.
Your report should educate the new Minister and their deputies about one economic or social impact that the end of the ICA’s quota system had on the coffee sector in your assigned country. This impact could be related to total exports, yield, quality, land distribution, income for small producers, or something else, but you should identify one major economic or social impact, and explain it to Ministry officials in your paper. As part of your thesis, you must decide the two or three most important points that Ministry officials should understand about this impact. These points can include one or more of the following:
evidence for the impact;
the underlying causes for why the impact occurred;
the influence this impact has had on coffee production today.
These supporting points should be clear in your blueprint of reasons.

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