6 page film review that uses cinema novo and esthetic of hunger to analyze the f

6 page film review that uses cinema novo and esthetic of hunger to analyze the film. Uses another film review to formulate a bigger connection. Also analyzes the film based on film terminology.
I will send link to movie once you accept the job.
This is the description of what the professor wanted ” If film reviews target a wide audience, academic papers have a more specialized one. It is anticipated that readers of academic papers most likely already have a previous, solid knowledge in that field (although that is not always the case, since researchers might be venturing into other fields to grasp a fuller understanding of a subject, issue, or question) as well as acquaintance with the terminology of the field. In film studies, for example, the reader most likely would already know what a wide angle is, or what the characteristics of cinéma verité are, or who Glauber Rocha was and his importance for both Brazilian and world cinema. That does not mean to say, however, that no explanations are ever necessary (after all, we do want to make our texts as accessible as possible), but rather that authors can (and are expected to) go much deeper in their analyses. It must also be noted that, living at an age when fake news and deep fakes are all the more prevalent, academic paper writing gains in importance inasmuch as it fosters a commitment to factuality and to non-biased research as a means to obtaining information and knowledge that will be crucial to the author’s analysis presented in the paper.”