An analytical report that covers three business communications trends affecting

An analytical report that covers three business communications trends affecting your team’s work. These could be new technologies, generational differences in communication preferences, and/or issues related to managing and motivating your team.
The report needs to be written in standard report format:
-A cover page and table of contents (not included in the page count),
-A one-page executive summary that provides the most important conclusions of the report,
-The body of the report (5-7 pages) that includes an introduction, statement of purpose, problem statement, summaries of information about the trends, at least one chart or table to present quantitative information, your synthesis of what the trends mean for your team, and your recommendation for how the company should position itself to take advantage of the trends. Be sure to describe how your analysis supports your recommendations.
-Cite at least five reliable sources, such as scholarly articles from the library databases, industry-based web sites, government web sites or reports, and books that summarize research in the industry. Avoid web-based sources that do not have clearly identified authors or publishers whose credentials you can verify, such as Wikipedia. Also avoid popular magazines, blogs, and newspapers, except as sources that reflect how a trend is being covered in these sources. Provide citations in APA format for all information and ideas that aren’t your own.
-The reference list and any appendices.
-A presentation of the recommendation from your analytical report, constructed in PowerPoint, as if you were going to deliver it live to your supervisor. (Use the “Notes” panes to include a script that you would refer to as you deliver the presentation, rather than trying to include all the information in the slides themselves.)
Book being used is -Business Communication Process & Product 9th edition
By Mary Ellen Guffey and Dana Loewy