assigment for week 5 Week 5: Gaps in Knowledge and Skills Overview of your curr

assigment for week 5 Week 5: Gaps in Knowledge and Skills
Overview of your current professional role(s), including a description of core knowledge
and skills required to fulfill your professional responsibilities.
●A reflection on your current ability (knowledge and skills) to fulfill your professional
responsibilities: I am a PA for 2 years practicing in NYC as a general provider, i treat adult patients.
●A brief description of the professional role(s) to which you aspire, and the core
knowledge and skills required to reach that/those role(s).
Aspire to be a better provider, to gain skill such as utilising ultrasound, I would like for our office to have a lab since i was also trained as a laboratory technologist I can use our practice and at the same time manage the lab on site.
●Using your reflection on current ability and your professional aspiration(s), provide a
description of knowledge and skill gaps you have discovered which may impede your
progress toward fulfilling your professional potential.
i aspire to gain leadership skills as well as advance my clinical skills such as keeping up with new technology, diagnostics and to learn more about endoscinology current guineline in endocrinology and obesity medicine.
●Identify three to five SMART goals that will help you address the gaps in your
knowledge and skills. Include these goals as a table with the following column headings:
○Time Frame
○Measure of Success
○Support and Resources Needed
○Potential Barriers
goal advance clinical skills and knowledge in primary care setting, time 2 years benefits; rely more on clinical diagnosis and do clinical work abroad. barries time managment .
●A conclusion/reflection summarizing key knowledge and skill gaps you’ve discovered
through your self-reflection and next steps required to fill those gaps..
●Include three to five scholarly references specifically related to the professional value of
the knowledge and skills discussed.