Assignment #1 Guidelines: Critical Response Paper a. Critical response paper –

Assignment #1 Guidelines: Critical Response Paper
a. Critical response paper – 20% (Due Jan. 31st on Turnitin)
i. Critical responses will be prompted by key readings in the course.
ii. The responses will summarize and evaluate the given author’s argument and use of evidence, and assess their contribution to the history of Modern Arab Art.
For your first assignment you will choose one of the readings in the syllabus marked as “Recommended”. Be sure to choose one that sparks your interest – have a quick look at them to get a sense of the author’s voice, the subject of the paper, and the kind of artwork or visual culture discussed. In some cases, abstracts are provided and they’ll be very helpful in guiding your decision. In other cases, the authors dive right into the material. Again, just be sure to pick something that interests you!
Read the paper carefully and, in a 3 page response, comment on the following:
– What is the main point or thesis of the paper/article? (1/2 pg.)
– What kind of visual material is described or analyzed to support the point or thesis of the paper/article? (Here you are encouraged to comment on the author’s approach to the artworks, paying special attention to the details of the artworks themselves. Comment on how the visual analysis in the paper supports the author’s main point or thesis. Please include figures or reproductions for all the images you discuss in detail). (1 pg.)
– What kind of a contribution to the History of Modern/Contemporary Arab art does the author make? (Here you will comment on how the author brings into focus an issue or topic that is of importance for our study of the Modern Middle East. Some general issues or topics to look out for are: gender; colonialism; race; class; the body; war and memory. You are free as well to focus on a topic or issue that comes up in the paper that I have not listed here. Just be sure to explain why it is an important one for the study of the Modern Middle East). (1 pg.)
– Finally, comment briefly on the overall quality and power of the paper – paying special attention to the author’s voice and argumentative strategies. (Was the paper and its argument or visual description compelling for you? What kind of a response – emotional, intellectual, sensual, did the paper elicit for you and why? Did you enjoy it or not, and why?) (1/2 pg.)
– Length – 3 pgs. (maximum 750 words, 12 pt. font, double-spaced)
– Citations – use MLA or Chicago style for your citations and paraphrases. (NB: No research materials beyond your chosen article are required for this.)
– Images – include relevant images at the end of the paper or in text. At the first mention of an image included in your paper indicate the Fig # in brackets – i.e. (Fig. 1, 2, etc.). Under the image include artist’s name/title of the work in italics/date in brackets.