Assignment 2 Instructions Create an assessment plan that calls for the use of a

Assignment 2
Create an assessment plan that calls for the use of a portfolio.
Include a rubric that will be used to assess your students’ portfolios.
The topic for this project should be related to what you currently teach or what you hope to one day teach.
Your project should include details about the following:
Outline of course that will be assessed
Plan for the use of a portfolio as a final project
Artifacts/course assessments that will be included in the portfolio
Rubric that will be used
Summary/explanation of the portfolio, rubric, and overall plan, grounded in the body of literature.
Follow APA 7th edition style.
A portfolio is a systematic collection of a students’ classroom, training, or field-based work. The purpose of a portfolio is to document students’/professionals’ achievement and have tangible evidence of related growth. Each document within a portfolio should serve a purpose. For example, if a goal of a training is to equip participants with the knowledge to complete a certain task, a portfolio may contain documentation that demonstrates the participants’ abilities to complete the task.

Creating Rubrics
Rubrics are scoring guides that measure the quality of students’ responses. Rubrics contain criteria for evaluation levels along with possible points for each category. Rubrics should contain more than one achievement level for each category. For example, when evaluating a paper for a student’s ability to synthesize information, perhaps the highest point value will be assigned to students who synthesized, but other values may be available for students who applied or summarized. Goals and objectives should be directly linked to each rubric. Consider co-creating rubrics with learners prior to starting assignments to gain their ownership and input. This helps with getting learners to better understand assignment expectations as well. Klaehn (2015) asserts that “for adult learners and their instructors, flexibility is key.” Remember that rubrics and assessments should be updated, tweaked, and flexible in order to meet the context’s and students’ purposes.