Community Experience Report Paper is to be typewritten, double spaced, and writt

Community Experience Report
Paper is to be typewritten, double spaced, and written using American Psychological
Association (APA) manual guidelines. Content must include the following:
1. Name of the organization
 Provide the name and address of the organization.
2. Purpose of the organization
 Detail and clear description of the purpose of the organization.
3. Population served (type of and disease(s) served)
 Show excellent understanding of the population served at this organization
4. Geographical/environmental issues (describe the facility, physical layout, accessibility,
transportation issues if any)
 Detail and complete analysis of more than four geographical and environmental
issues of the organization.
5. Professional services available in this setting
 Identify more than three professional services available in this setting
6. Social issues in the lives of the population
 Insightful and detail discussion of more than four social issues of the population
7. How does the organization communicate internally and with the larger community?
 Discuss more than four ways the organization communicates internally and with
the community.
8. What activities did you do during your community experience?
 Discuss more than four activities during the community experience.
9. Programs or changes to better serve the community
 Discussion includes more than four program changes to better serve the
10. APA Format
 Follow the APA format with one or no APA violations, grammar and spelling
errors for full points.
11. Your CER/CEP is incomplete without the Community Experience Documentation Form!
– The organization to be written about is Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation and the community experience done was the Joe Dimaggio and Rotary Club of Weston’s run event. – this was the link to the event. It was held on December 3rd 2022.