Description of the Individual Portfolio You are invited to consider yourself wor

Description of the Individual Portfolio
You are invited to consider yourself working as a marketing communication consultant for the organisation/ company/ agency which promotes the chosen1 brand. The Marketing Director is asking you to analyse the previous communication style and to offer justified suggestions for improvement for the coming year.
Your Portfolio will include the following sections:
1. Short presentation of the background of your selected brand.
2. The communication environment for this brand, main brand competitors (maximum 4) and
corresponding communication styles of the competitors.
3. Select and describe a main target audience for one of the brand’s main campaigns.
4. Conduct evaluation of the communication strategy, including main communication channels,
analysis of the main message, content audit, level of integration for this main campaign.
5. Write a new integrated communication plan for 2023 with focus on one specific target market of
your choice. Justify the structure of your plan.
6. Consider new ways to improve the initial campaign as a result of the entire analysis. Evaluate
other communication opportunities in the market or shifts in channel power. Justify your suggestions, then select the best one to be considered for implementation. Structure the argument for this suggestion and explain it.
7. An individual reflection section on your learning experience in this module.
You will receive a list of brands and you will be invited to select one for the purpose of this assessment. You will need to decide and communicate your choice to the lecturer by a date confirmed by your module leader. Details on how to develop this portfolio will be offered in the assessment presentation session and throughout your weeks of study by the module leader. Throughout the portfolio, you are advised to justify your analysis and support your argument. In the appendix, you should include any synthetic visuals that supports your work.