Document the behavior you would like to change. This should be a behavior you ar

Document the behavior you would like to change. This should be a behavior you are willing to work on changing over a period of four weeks and that you don’t mind that I or the Teaching Fellow will read in your paper. It should also be a behavior that is appropriate to share in class discussions. Please be thoughtful about this selection process. I encourage you to pick a behavior that would be helpful for you in your own life (rather than adding another “project” on your plate).
In this journal entry, you will state the specific behavior you wish to change (well defined). Pick only one behavior, not a set of behaviors, or several different ones to change all at once. To set your goal, you will need to provide detailed information about the behavior (e.g., meditation practice for 30 minutes three days per week in the mornings; speaking up in class at least twice in the class for 2/3 of all your classes; asserting your opinions to others at least three times a week to your friends, and twice a week to others, etc.).
Explain your personal reasons for wanting to change this behavior. Some questions that may be helpful in identifying your reasons include: Is there a particular type of social, relational, or economic impact of this behavior? What are the consequences of this behavior in your life? How will your life be improved when/if you change this behavior?
n this second journal entry you will provide an assessment of your behavior. You will describe the frequency, intensity and circumstances within which the behavior occurs. To assess the baseline (or pre-behavior change) frequency of the behavior, monitor how many times you perform the specific behavior you have chosen to change over a period of one week. To do this, merely observe, record and/or keep a chart (or journal in narrative form) on the frequency of the target behavior. You will not be changing anything for the observation period.
Additionally, during this one-week baseline period, observe and make a note of the circumstances in which the specific behavior occurs. Under what conditions are you most likely to engage in the behavior you wish to change? What situational factors tend to increase/decrease the behavior? You may also pull from your past experience for information regarding the context in which this behavior occurs.