For each of the following five scenarios, identify: a. the population, b. the sa

For each of the following five scenarios, identify: a. the population, b. the sample, c. the statistic, d. the variable, and e. the data. Give examples where appropriate.
Population refers to a collection of persons, things, or objects under study.
Sample refers to a portion (or subset) of the larger population and study that portion (the sample) to gain information about the population.
The Statistic refers to a number that represents a part of the sample.
The Variable refers to a characteristic of interest for each person or thing in a population. Variables may be numerical or categorical.
The Data refers to the actual values of the variable.
1. A fitness center is interested in the mean amount of time a client exercises in the center each week.
2. Ski resorts are interested in the mean age that children take their first ski and snowboard lessons. They need this information to plan their ski classes optimally.
3. A cardiologist is interested in the mean recovery period of her patients who have had heart attacks.
4. Insurance companies are interested in the mean health costs each year of their clients, so that they can determine the costs of health insurance.
5. A politician is interested in the proportion of voters in his district who think he is doing a good job.
Example of how it should be set up: Remember if you don’t have the answer you write “X” because that is what we are looking for.
Question: Bowling alleys are interested in the mean age that teenagers bowl for the first time. They need the information to plan for staffing.
The Population: all teenagers who bowl
The Sample: a sub-set of these teenagers
The statistic: the population mean age of teenagers who take their first bowling lesson
The Variable: the age of one teenager who takes his or her first bowling
The Data: the values of the Variable
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