For this paper, you will choose a character from

For this paper, you will choose a character from and examine how this process works: the paper will analyze the way this particular character functions in the story.
To help you get started, consider the following questions: What do we know about the character, and how does that character’s personality bring about what happens?
The paper is a five-paragraph academic essay containing the following elements:
Title: The title will indicate the main focus of the essay. Feel free to be creative with your title.
The introductory paragraph will give background on the story that places the examination of the character in context. The title and author should be identified in the introductory paragraph.
Thesis statement: The thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction.
At least three supporting paragraphs: Each paragraph of the paper will begin with a clear topic sentence that makes a point about the character that supports the paper’s argument.
Each sentence in the paragraph will support that claim with the paper’s analysis, using quotes and examples from the story.
Quotations from the short story must be included to support the points of the paper, but they should be kept to a minimum; quoted words and phrases should be integrated neatly into the sentences.
The paper’s concluding paragraph will reiterate the thesis and then reflect on what we now know about the story as a result of the paper’s analysis.
MLA style Work Cited will have one entry (the story you chose). Remember, there is no research required for this paper: