For this week’s DB, you must post your 1st five annotated citations. The annotat

For this week’s DB, you must post your 1st five annotated citations. The annotations must be at least 150 words each.
The objective is to make sure you have 5 strong annotated citations uploaded this week (in preparation to submit your first 10 in Week 6, and your full 20-source annotated bibliography in Week 9).
REMEMBER: When you are finding sources, one handy strategy is to locate some really important main sources that will give you lots of info, and then go to their bibliographies, and look for titles that sound important and relevant. Then locate those books or articles. The Berkeley library is very helpful in helping you get sources. In some cases, they will even acquire them (buy them) for the library, or do intra-library loans. so I encourage you to try this method for findings sources. It’s a little more directed than just googling search terms or simply searching key words in Berkeley databases.
When completing your annotations each week, be sure your RATIONALES are strong. The rationales are the most important part of the annotations because you are directly linking the research to the arguments you want to make in your paper.
In your rationales, use phrases like:
This article will be useful for my thesis because I would like to argue XXXX and this article provides me with XXXXXX
In my thesis I plan on arguing that XXXXX and this book offers XXXXXXXX….
It’s critical that you make strong connections between the information in the source AND YOUR THESIS!!
Once you do this, half the work is done because you’ve linked your research to your paper.