General idea for the Topic with potential for research is mentioned below. It ne

General idea for the Topic with potential for research is mentioned below.
It needs to be put in formal Master’s standard Research proposal form and exact questions needs to be formulated with How the research will be conducted and how it will contribute to academics/ research and How it will contributte to industry.
• Definition of the terminology “Metaverse” in distinction to the already
established term “Digital Twin”.

… of the business potential of the megatrend “Metaverse” for the
machine tool industry in general and with special focus on the
marketing and sales perspective
.. the factors (internal/external) influencing the speed of adoption
of the technology
… of the competitors in the introduction of Metaverse / virtual
world in the machine tool industry

Ideation of potential Metaverse use cases in the machine tool industry
with a focus on Sales & Marketing.

Analysis and evaluation of use cases with a global aspect considering
the current customer journey as well as the structure of typical buying
centers in the machine tool industry.
To understand the term Metaverse, to do in depth research and develop the clear concept about the industrial metaverse, to analyze the current state of technology / technology partners available, to understand the factors that will lead the adoption/acceptance of this technology, to do the in general market analysis for adoption of Metaverse & NFT’s real world adoption, to find the use cases for the Machine Tool Industry, to understand How Machine tool Industry / a company can strategies to leverage the technologies like Metaverse and NFT’s, and to develop the strategy and road map based on current position of the company to successfully launch / onboard the company to the world of Metaverse and NFT’s.
Along with the intensive literature research and to conduct the qualitative interviews with the technology experts ( Subject Matter experts of Metaverse and NFT’s) and Industry experts ( Experts from Machine tool industry and customers) with the following prespectives
To develop the buyer/ customer persona and how they would like to interact in the metaverse environment.
To find and validate the use cases
To align the future strategy for Machine Tool Company with the experts feedback
The Template attahced is just for reference if it doensnt match/ suit the style then please feel free to use any other research proposal template. It is just for the reference only.