Here is an outline of the steps that might be involved in writing a marketing pr

Here is an outline of the steps that might be involved in writing a marketing program in an academic way:
Conduct market research: Before developing a marketing program, it is important to understand the target audience and the competitive landscape. This might involve conducting surveys, focus groups, and other forms of market research to gather data about consumer behavior and preferences.
Develop a marketing strategy: Based on the results of the market research, a marketing strategy should be developed that outlines the overall goals of the marketing program and the tactics that will be used to achieve those goals.
Create a marketing plan: The marketing plan should outline the specific steps that will be taken to execute the marketing strategy. This might include activities such as creating marketing materials, establishing partnerships, and running advertising campaigns.
Implement the marketing program: The marketing program should be implemented according to the plan, with attention paid to timing, budget, and other details.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing program: After the marketing program has been implemented, it is important to assess its effectiveness in achieving the goals set out in the marketing strategy. This might involve collecting data on sales, customer feedback, and other metrics.
you need to use the strategic marketing process framework to create a marketing plan. the brand name is “theHUB” mention it as a medium-sized business and make a marketing program for it.
The following link can be very helpful for you.

How To Build An Effective Marketing Program To Grow Your Business

*You need to follow the main steps in the link above*
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6 Steps to Successful Strategic Marketing Planning

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Please mention the strategic marketing approach behind each product you mention. you can easily find information about the project in the attached file.
the requirement is a specific marketing plan that includes everything.