***I have 3 exams (this is one of the exams, so two more similar exams will be

***I have 3 exams (this is one of the exams, so two more similar exams will be next order, if I get an A for this class I will give you an incentive. I promise.)
Only USE Assigned Readings and an Assigned movie!!!
You should watch The Cider House Rules which is on Netflix.
For this first exam, including Lectures 1,2,3.
This is the readings and movie list you need for this Exam 1.
(All readings are attached in this order but the movie – you should watch the movie on Netflix or Amazon prime.)
Lecture 1. Consequentialist versus non-consequentialist ethics.
(1) William Shaw, “The Consequentialist Perspective”.
(2) F.M. Kamm, “Nonconsequentialism” (sections 1-7).
(3) Lecture Handout ( Consequentialist versus non-consequentialist ethics.)
Lecture 2. Abortion.
(1) Judith Jarvis Thomson, “A Defense of Abortion”.
(2) Don Marquis, “Why Abortion is Immoral”.
(3) Watch The Cider House Rules. (On Netflix)
(4) Lecture Handout (Abortion)
Lecture 3. Precommitment issues in bioethics.
(1) John A. Robertson, “Precommitment Issues in Bioethics”.
(2) Dan Brock, “Precommitment in Bioethics: Some Theoretical Issues”.
(3) Derek Parfit, “Commitments”.
(4) Lecture Handout (Precommitment issues in bioethics.)
EXAM Instruction
Bioethics. Exam 1.
Please answer each question within the given word limit.
Each answer should make use
of/reference course material.
Answer’s that reference each assigned reading/movie will be graded higher
than answers which reference only some of the readings/movies.
(1) Discuss two cases in which consequentialism and non consequentialism come apart. (300 words)
(2) Is abortion immoral in some cases, no cases, or all cases? Justify your answer. (500 words)
(3) Discuss two cases of precommitment. Do you think there is are hard and fast rules as to when a
subject is allowed to override a commitment made at an earlier time? Why or why not? (400 words)