I thought October 15,2019 was going to be a normal day, but it ended up being a

I thought October 15,2019 was going to be a normal day, but it ended up being a painful day.
It was on a Tuesday, my sister’s birthday. She turned 3 years old, so I wished her a happy birthday. First let me tell you, this day I-Broke-A-Bone. Yeah that’s right, I literally broke a bone.
I was on my way to school. As soon as I got to school I was ready for the day. I had my binder, materials, and my iPad. I sat in the homeroom talking to my friends, waiting for my first class. My first hour is OT literacy, and my second hour is Avid. My third hour class is gym, my favorite class.
For the gym we played team activities, and we got to decide what we wanted to do. Everyone either said volleyball or basketball, so we did both. I played basketball with some other people. I had the ball in my hand, and someone ran into me smashing my left ring finger into the ball. I felt surprised and hurt, because I’ve never felt pain like that before.
I fell to the floor screaming and yelling. My friend helped me up, and took me to the nurse. I told the nurse what happened, so she gave me ice to put on my finger. I waited for the day to end, so me and my grandma could go to the doctors to get it checked out.
When we arrived at the doctors. They checked my blood pressure and weighed me. They asked what happened, and I said. “I was playing basketball, and someone ran into me”. They looked at my finger, and told me to wiggle it. I couldn’t, because it hurt so bad. The doctor said if I couldn’t move it, it might be broken. I hoped that it wasn’t, but I’m not a sick kick. I had to get an X-ray on my finger. We waited a couple minutes for the results to come back.
The doctor knocked on the door and she said “it’s broken”.
I was so scared, because “I thought about stitches”, but the doctor said “that won’t be necessary”. She said “I will have to go to a finger doctor”. When I went to the finger doctor I was sad that I wouldn’t be going to school. The nurse called my name, and she said “guess what, we have the same birthday”. That made things a little better, knowing someone had the same birthday as me. She gave me some wraps for my finger, so it can get better. The doctor said” I will have to come back for a follow up”. I just said “ok, seems like a plan”.
I learned that day “be careful”. I hope it never happens again.