In summary and NOT instead of reviewing the mov. instructions I provide a synops

In summary and NOT instead of reviewing the mov. instructions I provide a synopsis below —
This is a very structured writing assignment based on the industry or type of job you plan after graduation, i.e. after nursing school, PA school or Health Administration. Choose 4-5 peer reviewed journal articles you may find on Google Scholar or Pub Med. The York computers will allow you access to more free articles. Read them in depth, and reread until you have a good understanding of the article, its subject matter, theories, discussion and conclusions. Synthesize the articles’ information finding commonalities and differences in the articles and base your writing on the overall information based on the data provided. (Hint: Data has numbers analysis through the subjects studied.)
The instructor has assigned burnout, job satisfaction, or job turnover as a subject to focus on. This paper has a formal structure and it will include an introduction, discussion, conclusion and APA or MLA appropriately cited works. Again there are citation engines to assist and the York Library can give you further information. The introduction to the paper would include relevant definitions such as defining burnout and the relevant theory behind burnout, then define other constructs you are using in your paper and the theories behind them as well. Be thorough. The paper introduction will include a purpose statement. The discussion will include what each article has found and its relevance. The Conclusion wraps up the paper. The reference page will appropriately cite all articles and any other references used in this writing in APA or MLA format. The citation format is very specific.
Finally, do not write in first person singular statements i.e. do not use the words “I”, Me, My, I believe, I think,” nothing that refers to yourself. This is a purely subjective paper written without referring to the writer.
Again, this is just an overview of the mov. instruction in BB. Please review the instruction in BB as well as in the syllabus for writing W2. The paper is due soon so please start selecting your articles and drafting your paper. Adhere to ALL requirements for the W2.
For your WI 2 – you will need to add a structured abstract. Please use the following links to help you write
Writing a structured abstract
Writing a literature review