In this post, please discover whose land you are on, learn a bit about the peopl

In this post, please discover whose land you are on, learn a bit about the people; write about the land and the people and then write your own original land acknowledgement.
If you live in Toronto area, you will have to choose another area because our module included most of this, perhaps somewhere else you have lived, where one of your parents lived or maybe an area in the Canada you have been or would like to go to or learn more about. Or you can check out the resource map and pick an interesting area around the world to learn about.
Use the resource and/ or to find who the original inhabitants were and to find links about the people, but also search for more information about the Original peoples online.
The map includes information about Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, parts of South America, Central America, the Caribbean.
1. Find The Territory- Explain
Use Native Land’s map of Native American tribal lands to find what territory (or territories) you live on or on the area you have chosen to discover. Discuss the territory (what is was like then and now) and include information about the Original peoples. How did they live, what was their culture like, where did they go? etc.
2. Practice The Pronunciation Learn the proper pronunciation of the name by respectfully asking someone from that nation or checking the nation’s website. If you find that, include it in your post. If you can’t find it, that’s ok
3. What else can you find? If you can find out anything else about the territory or exact location after settlers arrived include that. For example, who was the first European to own the land or be granted the land, etc.
4. Write your own The Territory Acknowledgement
The exact words of the Acknowledgement are up to you, but the general format should go something like this. “I want to acknowledge that we are on the traditional territory of [nation names]”. You may also want to mention the name of the local treaty or learn a few words in the language. See module 2 for more information about land Acknowledgements. Don’t be afraid to add your own creative flair as long as it is respectful.
Marks For Points 1-3 (3 marks)
For the land acknowledgement (1 mark)
For meaningful replies to minimum 2 others (1 mark)
Meaningful means thought provoking comments that add information or present questions that further the conversation. Things Like “great post” or “I like your example” are not meaningful replies unless they also include detailed responses or questions.
If you want to include any images, please embed them in your post. Remember to write all your responses in the discussion board box. Do not attach word documents or images as this forces others to download the documents to their computers. That can be dangerous.