Introduce and highlight aspects of your life experiences that provide the select

Introduce and highlight aspects of your life experiences that provide the selection committee an “inside view“of your background, aspirations, and accomplishments. Pay particular attention to writing to the following areas:
a) State the reasons why you believe you would be the best candidate for this scholarship
b) Familiarize the committee with aspects of your personal background and academic and career interests
c) Describe your leadership philosophy and how your experiences exemplify elements of the life and character of Arrigo O. Rogers (review bio at ( What kind of leader are you? Describe your style and beliefs as it pertains to leadership as well as experiences that shaped this philosophy.
d) Describe what impact your major campus leadership/community service experiences have had on your own self-development, on those you worked with, and those you served.
I am from Nigeria, I came to the U tied State for better living. I am a student and I also work. I have worked in about 3 companies: Taste of Flava, Walgreens and for the school. I want to become a people analyst or a performance management.
Accomplishment: dean list, life insurance certificate, time management between my work, school life and personal life.
I have volunteered for a lot of campus activity. Volunteer to help pack food and some basic necessity to give to the homeless. Volunteer outside the school events
I have was a vice president for international student association at Felician University and I am currently a president.
Currently work in the school as a student worker for the EOF department. I help to handle the social media, promote events that EOF or any other department is hosting, help with making of the flyers, bulletin board and organizing the storage room.