Introduction For this discussion, you will have the opportunity to review the e

For this discussion, you will have the opportunity to review the evidence and analysis of academic research to identify and defend a solution to a community issue. As you learned in previous DEC courses, being able to identify the credibility and validity of research articles is important because these types of articles tend to provide a high level of substantive value, which in turn can assist in creating more sound arguments. You will take this discussion activity a step further by reviewing in depth the evidence and analysis of academic articles to help identify their value as supportive evidence. This will be important to you when attempting to substantiate and defend your solution for your chosen community issue.
Initial Post Instructions
Provide responses to the following questions:
Enter the Tiffin University Pfeiffer Library and locate two academic articles that focus on a potential solution to your chosen community issue.
Share the references to these two articles in proper APA formatting and citation inclusion for your peers and instructor to review.
Review the Understanding Article Evidence and Analysis resource to help guide your understanding of the process and conduct an analysis of the evidence and analysis of the two academic articles.
Describe your findings from the two academic articles in plain terms for your audience to easily understand. Therefore, paraphrase what you observed from your analysis, as this skillset will be vital to you when presenting your solution on your community issue to your stakeholders.
Review the article, Research does solve real world problems and describe why these two academic articles will be vitally important when identifying and defending your potential solution to your community issue.
Writing and Submission Requirements
A suggested word count for your initial post is about 250 words. While these word counts are not a firm requirement, they should serve as a guideline for the approximate length of a quality post.
Include a minimum of 2 scholarly sources