Introduction One important area of application of Behavioural Science in the fo

One important area of application of Behavioural Science in the forensic arena is in crime prevention. Prevention means taking an antecedent approach to crime. This approach involves situational analysis, understanding the immediate triggers for criminal behaviour, and an analysis of the motives for criminal behaviour.
Based on your textbook, your assigned readings, and your class lectures and discussion, suggest crime prevention strategies for the following situation: an adult school shooting. Please incorporate primary, secondary, and tertiary crime prevention strategies. For each strategy you suggest, explain which of these three categories it falls into. You must suggest at least one strategy for each of these three categories.
From a behavioural perspective, the most effective strategies are those that increase the effort required to commit a crime, increase the risks involved in committing a crime, reduce the reward derived from committing the crime, reduce the stimuli or provoking triggers for engaging in criminal behaviour, and remove the excuses for committing criminal behaviour (Brantingham, Brantingham, & Taylor, 2005). Please relate the crime prevention strategies you suggest to these constructs. For each strategy you suggest, explain how it works to prevent crime, referencing these 5 constructs.
Write a paper discussing the application of the Calhoun and Weston (2003) “Pathway to Violence” to understanding the shootings at Dawson College in Quebec by Kimveer Gill on September 13, 2006. Your paper must include a clear definition of each stage in The Pathway to Violence, followed by examples from the Dawson College shooting and critical analysis from the perspective of the Calhoun and Weston model. The latter could, for example, include discussion of how well The Pathway model fits the shooting, or not.
For background information on these events, see the relevant articles posted under Assignment 1 on Blackboard. This assignment is based on these sources as the database for your analysis. You may also incorporate other sources.
Also, based on the analysis of the Dawson College shooting, suggest your own crime prevention strategies (at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels) that could be used to prevent a similar event happening at Seneca College. Your primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies combined should address the five aspects of an effective strategy, namely those that:
Increase the effort
Increase the risk
Reduce the reward
Reduce the stimuli or provoking triggers
Reduce the excuses for committing criminal behavior
Finally, provide one current example of a primary, secondary as well as tertiary prevention strategy that is already in use (using peer reviewed sources) and comment on its perceived effectiveness (based on research). The example used must be unique and not one that has been reviewed within the course reading.
Please note that there is no minimum/maximum length to this assignment. You are graded on the quality and the depth of your discussions. Assignment needs to be done in APA format i.e. 12 pt. font, with cover and reference pages. Cover and reference page not included in page count. Information The grading of your assignment will be highlighted in a marking matrix in several ways to include:
Punctuation, typos, construction paragraphing, readability
Presentation and Organization:
Length. Sequence and flow of information.
Citations and references, use of APA style.
Introduction; Amount and quality of information.
Relevance to topic; Depth of critical analysis.
Presence of original thought; Conclusion.
All submissions will be submitted through SafeAssign. Instructions in the Assignment tab.
Late assignments marked as zero as per the Assignment Submission Policy (see course outline).