Length: 1000+ words Format: MLA formatted (Since this is a letter, you can form

Length: 1000+ words
Format: MLA formatted (Since this is a letter, you can format it as one, but make sure the letter also follows MLA formatting where possible.)
What you need to do:
For this assignment, you should write a letter of more than 1000 words to your high school principal or superintendent. In your letter, you should make an argument about what the school does well to promote student learning and what it does not (or did not) do well. You should make suggestions for improvements to the curriculum and learning environment based on your experiences. Your letter should contain evidence from your personal experience AND quotes from at least two other sources—these can be from our course readings or other sources you find online.
Parts of the letter
Your letter should:
– Have an introductory paragraph that introduces you and lets the reader know your specific purpose for writing by giving them an overview of the points and problems you will discuss.
– Use personal experience to support your claims about what improvements are needed.
– Use at least two quotes from sources other than your own experiences to help support your claims. These can be from the readings or some other internet source. For example, if you talk about how your classmates were disruptive, you might also cite sources that discuss how disruptive classmates affect students’ learning.
– Be formatted correctly. I will not comment on or grade papers that are not formatted correctly.
Your paragraphs should:
– Have a topic sentence that fits the content of the paragraph and
– Be coherent (connect logically amongst their parts)
– Be unified (not contain ideas unrelated to the topic)
– Follow PIE when it helps the above