Length of the Answer: About three to four pages double-spaced in length. The ans

Length of the Answer: About three to four pages double-spaced in length. The answer should have an introductory and concluding paragraph. The introduction should begin with an introductory paragraph providing an abstract of what you are about to say. This should begin with your thesis statement (= your main point) on the subject. The essay should also have a concluding paragraph that summarizes what you have just said. These two paragraphs will take up most of a page. The main body of the answer should make seven to nine main points on the topic; in other words, it will have seven to nine paragraphs. A paragraph is generally about half a page double-spaced.
Provide Your Opinion: Naturally, most of your essay will be summarizing and showing me that you have understood what was taught in class, but you also need to provide your own opinion. Ex.: “Faith in the New Testament is very similar to that of the Essenes”.
Each topic has a main question with sub-questions that should be addressed. Do not answer each
of the sub-questions individually, but rather incorporate everything into a seamless essay.
Question: Describe faith in the New Testament
a. Describe the understanding of faith in Judaism
b. How does the faith of Jesus differ from that of his contemporaries?
i. For example, the Sadducees, the Pharisees, and the Essenes
c. How do Jesus’s Christian followers such as Paul and John understand faith?
i. Does it differ from the faith of Jesus?
d. Is faith in the New Testament more about what you do or what you believe?
e. Be sure to reference the synoptic gospels, John, the letters of Paul, and James
P.S: Things to talk about in regards to the books: What do you have to do to be righteous? Below I attach a Word file which is already formatted. Do not change the formatting of the document. You have to write an essay inside this Word file.