Overview: Provide a summary of the supplied papers. Instructions: Read the suppl

Overview: Provide a summary of the supplied papers.
Instructions: Read the supplied readings and provide a summary of the issues raised. Think about the issues surrounding who owns your data (is it really yours?), data sharing, and problems with data crossing international borders. The “Aspects of Data Ethics” article is UK centric, as European and British Ethics and Privacy laws are better established than those in the United States. The USA does have the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), but that is very narrow in scope. Based on the European and British models in the papers, discuss the pros and cons of having something like HIPAA for general data privacy and protection in the United States.
Submission: Submit a PDF file that answers the the instructions provided.
Guidelines: Since people set up their defaults differently, the MINIMUM expected word count is 1000 words (excluding references) – this is approximately 2 pages long (1” margins, single line spacing, 10-12pt font size, 1 line paragraph gap). Submitted file should be named as IS206-A2-NetID.pdf (eg IS206-A2-CSEVANS2.pdf). If you pull in other references (encouraged) make sure they are cited correctly.
Grading: The base grade is 85% for < 1000 words, 90% for 1000-1500 words, 95% for 1500+ words. That base is adjusted based on clarity (full sentences), demonstrated grasp of concepts presented in the reference material (positive) or it is a lit review (negative), whether its a brain dump (negative) or cohesive piece. If you have 1500+ words and are waffling to hit that limit, that will be a negative ... but if you can express yourself clearly in 1000-1500 words you might gain enough points to score 100%. Note: The "Whats Up With Data Ethics" pdf is a summary of the author's "Big Data Ethics" paper. Its 6 pages vs 40 pages. Read the summary, and skim the Big Data Ethics paper.