Teach For America works toward the day when every child will receive an excellen

Teach For America works toward the day when every child will receive an excellent and equitable education. The circumstances children are born into predict the opportunities they will have in life. But Teach For America has learned that dramatic progress is possible. It takes bold, grounded leaders working together, inside and outside of schools, fighting for the aspirations of children and their families. Why are you motivated to join Teach For America?
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Teach For America, I feel, will help me strengthen my leadership abilities and become an example to our children who will become our future leaders of tomorrow. I am motivated and driven to master the subtleties of becoming a successful leader for our pupils. All children need a decent education from a TFA corps member who is passionate and driven, which is why I am inspired to join Teach for America. I have the motivation and passion to be a leader to our low-income children like me, ensuring they obtain an equal education that will make a difference in our future.
Our corps members achieve extraordinary results in their classrooms. We’d like to learn more about one of your greatest accomplishments in the last 3 years. It can be in academics or in a role you have held as part of an organization, company, team or club. Please describe the following in your response:
What was the outcome you were working towards?
Why was this outcome important to you, others, and/or the organization you were a part of?
What were the steps you took to accomplish this and what was the outcome?